Tuesday, 27 March 2012

An evening in the Springtime...

It's such a beautiful evening here. I am sat in our garden and I am just compelled to write. There's something marvellously beautiful about this evening and I just had to share it with you.

Since we moved in last May, the garden got put on the back burner. Our new home needed a new personality inside and the many months up to the birth of Benji consisted of creating a wonderful new space for us all. Needless to say the garden suffered. Elle had not long started walking let alone running so we knew she wasn't in need of a garden too desperately. Being pregnant through the summer meant that there was no get up and go in me after a full day with a 15 month old so the back "yard" became more of a dumping ground for the old radiators and used paint pots. So after the wonderful arrival of Ben and Christmas out of the way, my nose was twitching for the slightest sign of spring so I could drag Paul into the garden and we could transform the little yard into our little sanctuary. And tonight I am sat just there. It's BEAUTIFUL!

We have spent the last few days creating a canvas and as paul pulled up slabs and concrete edging I sowed my seeds and tended to my flowers. This evening we laid the new lawn and it put a smile on my face instantly. The vibrant green and the freshness of it is something I wish I could capture and put in little jars. I'd hand it out to people and watch them smile as they opened it.

Tonight our garden is alive.

And as we enjoy a peaceful half an hour listening to the world go by, not speaking, just living in each others company, I can see the future images of our kids running up and down, of picnics on the grass and laughing with the family and friends until late.

Tonight this is all possible and as I look into the night sky the little garden seems misicule in the grand scheme of life but this is my life and if this one little patch makes me feel how I do right now then surely that's enough.

Thank you for reading.



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