Wednesday, 24 July 2013

A tribute, to my friends

Good evening y'all!

I hope this week is finding you well, happy and healthy.

I had a remarkable day today. It was one filled with complete kindness and love, so much so, that it brought me back to my little blog to make a lasting memory of it.

Over my last 29 (nearly 3-oh) years, I have had the fortune of making some of the most incredible friends. Some I made when I was tiny tiny, some I made a few months ago and they all make me happier with the knowing that I can call them my friends.

I won't put names, but you all know who you are and I wanted you to know that I treasure your friendship and hold it very dear to me. Without you some of these last 24 months would have been a lot harder. You have provided me with the most wonderful support and love and many, many laughs.

Over the years I have had the privilege of working with the finest chefs in the local areas, some of the most UH-Mazing front of house staff and waiting on staff. You guys worked with me and helped me get to where I am today, and you worked bloody hard! I have also worked with some of the finest gutter-mouthed chefs who prided themselves on the ability to throw a full plate of food the full length of the kitchen, narrowly missing me (this isn't for you, sorry!) But a few foul-mouthed chefs will always claim a small smile on my face.

This leads me to where I work today. I count myself so extremely lucky to have a job working with the most awesome women (the guys are O.K too). I have to admit that I was slightly apprehensive to start at the company 18 months ago. To go from being on my feet 12+ hours a day,  running bustling restaurants and dragging drunks out the door at 2am, to being based in an office with paperwork and lots of timescales was very daunting, but I have to say I felt like I was welcomed with open arms. Over the last 18 months the relationships with my female work colleagues has grown and each and every one of them is remarkable. For one, they are all gorgeous, inside and out. They all have something so special about them, such strong ladies with wonderful hearts. I love my job and I love them. (Thank you ladies for all your support)

So, these flowers are for you, for all of my friends. They are to say thank you. Thank you for being right here on this website at this time. Thank you for your comments, your encouragement. Thank you for the little hugs and late night texts. Thank you for coming  to check in on me when crappy things happen and most of all thank you for just being you - I couldn't be this happy without you.

I am no longer scared of the future because all the limitations I had put on to myself were false messages of fear and limitation and life is LIMITLESS for us all. The limits I had put upon myself, my dreams, my heart goals and my longings had suffocated every drop of hope I ever had.

So now with all the love and light that surrounds us, I am ready for this next step and I will do this with a smile on my face. I have the best friends and whether you realise it or not, every single one of you has given me the confidence and support to do this.

Within little things and life's small events, lies the heart and the very kernel of life. Right there, in front of us. And it is love.

I am complete.

Let's do this! 

I love you.

Bex xox

- A huge congratulations to Sarah, who got engaged recently. I hope the two of you have the most wonderful journey together. x

 - Thank you so much for all of your emails over the past month x

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  1. Such a lovely lovely blog. Every post makes me smile :-) You are an inspiration! Xxx