Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Welcome back..!

My goodness, I can not believe it has been 5 months, (literally to the day) since I last wrote & I have to be honest, I have really missed it!

So here I am, complete with a cup of tea, ready to share, briefly, my last few months.

I hope you are well and that you've had a delectable 5 months. I also hope that whatever ventures you've taken on or life changes you've had to endure, have put you in a place of happiness or at least a place of peace.

In my last post, I mentioned it being the first day of Summer! Well, what a summer, I can't really say I remember too much sun. As the nights are drawing in, it somehow feels like it's always been this cold and wet. But, on the plus side, (and Paul will curse me for saying this) it's almost Christmas!!!

Have you done your shopping yet? I can't quite believe just how excited I am this year, although I'll get into Christmas and all its' festive loveliness later this week.

So, the last few months... I don't know quite where to begin. Well, the main event of the Summer/Autumn was giving birth to our lovely little boy. Born on the 23rd September, Benjamin George popped into the world a little after midnight. The labour, a whole 2 hours speedier than Elle, was pleasantly manageable - but I won't get into the gory details. Needless to say, Ben has been with us 8 weeks already and I honestly can not remember life without him.

Elena has taken wonderfully well to her little brother and is forever giving him kisses, prodding his feet and poking him in the eye. It really makes me feel so warm inside when, on waking, the first thing she says is "Ba-by". She is not quite settled or content until she has seen him and given him a kiss. Whenever Ben sneezes or coughs, she is the first to go running to him with a "OH" to check that he's ok. Few things in life are this precious. There's been many moments over the last 8 weeks, which have made me gasp. I am completely in awe of my little family and the amount of love that surrounds us. Our little Elena is growing up so quick and if the love she gives to Ben is anything to go by, she is going to have her heart in exactly the right place.

The Summer was a bit of a blur really, the pregnancy seemed to take over most of my life & with the task of growing ever bigger and a toddler to look after, most days were like climbing Everest. But here we are 2 months on and every second was worth it. Ben has just started to smile, words just can't describe the feeling as a parent, that these little moments give you.

Our, now not so new, house has been a blessing. We're so very lucky to have been able to move somewhere bigger for our ever growing family. Within weeks, the house was part of the family, and underneath it's tall ceilings and half painted walls, we're more a family now than we've ever been.

Life here is good.

With the start of a new life, my husband and his new job, a growing toddler, and Christmas on the horizon, I ask myself if there's anything else I could want in life, and the answer is no. I am the richest woman alive and I couldn't ask for anything else. My happiness is here and now, with my family in our home. With fantastic friends and a loving family there's nothing else to want for, I am complete.

I wish you a very happy Tuesday and as we all embark on this wonderful adventure together, I want to thank you for stopping by.




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