Monday, 6 June 2011

A Brand New Adventure...

Hello Friends!

& a very happy Monday to you!

How have you been? I hope that I find you well.

It has been such a long time since my last blog and so much has been happening! I've managed to grab myself a peaceful corner in our gorgeous new dining room, warmed by the sunshine, to write today.

I am missing a little something...

A cup of tea... Sorted.

You may remember that the reason for my lack of blogging was due to the fact that we were in the process of moving. Well the move went well, it started at 9am on 26th March and we completed the move at around noon on April 12th. Not the quickest house move on record I'm sure! - and that was only half of it!

We had the bulk moved into storage on the first day of the move and since then my husband, Paul, had been working around the clock to tidy up all the odds and ends, painting here there and everywhere and general finishing all those little jobs that you seem to move by on a daily basis and not really notice them. As of 11th April, the keys were handed to the estate agent and the realisation of never stepping foot in our beloved house again, started to set in. The stomach churning feeling was quickly set aside by the fact that I was now ueber excited about moving into our new house in Penkhull.

After 5 weeks at my parents house and Elena's very 1st birthday, we finally moved into our new home and although tiring and albeit slightly stressful... The house is just perfect.

I love it.

We have a fair bit of painting to be getting on with and even though we've been here a month there are still boxes everywhere! I must admit the cellar has come in pretty handy as everything is dumped down there first and brought upstairs when a suitable space has been cleared. I just can not believe how much stuff we have. Goodness knows how it all fit into our old house!

The last few weeks I've surrounded myself in colour charts, home decorating magazines and various other catalogues. Sifting through the pages and pricing everything up. Elle has been helping me pick out ideas by ripping pages out and either attempting to shove them in my mouth or hers. Ever the helpful child.

The place is coming together piece by piece and we are so very happy here. It seems we have filled the house with warmth and happiness already and the plain walls and soft white furnishings seem to be basking in it and even smiling back. This is definitely home.

There was also more wonderful news shared over the last few months. Paul and I had found out that we were expecting our second child. We were also blessed to find out  a few weeks ago that the little one is that in fact a little boy and we couldn't be happier. Being able to bring one being into this world is the most amazing feeling so to be blessed with two, well words can not describe how truly happy we are. We just hope and pray that the next few months go as smoothly as possible as we wait in wonderous anticipation to meet our son.

There is so much, I'm sure, still to tell you. My gardening projects etc but I'll be sharing them over the next few weeks.

I really hope that you will continue to read and I thank you so very much for reading today.

I wish you a truly magical Monday.



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