Friday, 18 March 2011

Friday's Child is Loving and Giving...

A very happy Friday to you & a happy Red Nose Day!

I must apologise for my absent blog yesterday. Elena is having real difficulty sleeping at the moment, I'm hoping it's due to her teeth (and not because she just doesn't want to sleep!) fingers crossed it passes as soon as possible. Due to this, yesterday Paul and I were absolutely wiped out. I was also feeling a bit delicate so I tried to sleep when I could. Today, well I'm not too much better but I can't leave you another day, so I'm accompanied by some homemade carrot and corriander soup, a bottle of water and a couple of paracetamol. Such a brave soul..!

How blue is the sky where you are? It's glorious here, there are a few clouds about but having had a potter out in the garden earlier, I'm pleased to say that there is some warmth coming from the sun today. Beautiful. I've pushed the curtains as wide as they'll go in a greedy attempt to capture all of the warmth for Elena and I as we sit and have dinner. I think it's working.

I had promised you a "crafty" post for yesterday so instead here it is today.

I was made a very happy lady last week, when my wonderful husband surprised me with a huge bouquet of flowers and a very thoughtful little card. Every day I would walk downstairs and be greeted by the most welcoming and fresh smell coming from the lillies and the roses. They sat proudly on top of my piano and I wished that they'd look that beautiful forever. Obviously not possible. So I thought I'd try my hand at flower pressing and then I can frame them. A lovely little piece to hang in our new home.

So today I've cut the flowers from their stems, heart-breaking but it'll be worth it. I've cut some leaves too. Unfortunately some of the flowers had started to wilt so I had to discard them. If you're pressing flowers, the flowers have to be in full bloom or just about to bloom. I read somewhere that a flower will still open fully whilst being pressed, so I've taken a few buds off to test this theory.

The flowers now need to dry out for a day and then over the weekend I'll be popping them onto some tissue paper - you can also use newspaper - and entering them into my German dictionary to "press". I'll probably weight them down even more by placing another book or a brick on top.

I was cheered up greatly yesterday when to my amazement I found that my tulips had started to flower. They're stunning!

What plans do you have for the weekend? I think we're going to spend the weekend packing as this will be our last weekend in our house. I'm trying very hard not to think about it too much as it's too upsetting. Paul said the most touching thing to me the other week, he said "Let's make a pact, when we're older and the kids have left home, if this house is for sale, we'll buy it and grow old here..." it made me cry then and it has just had the same effect writing it. I miss my grandad so very much...

Anyways, I hope you''ll be joining us tonight in watching Comic Relief. It amazes me everytime and with Children In Need also, how the nation comes together to give so generously to chairty. People really do have such big hearts and it's really wonderful that by donating just a small amount that you know you're making a difference.

I wish you a very happy weekend. Enjoy every second!

Thank you for reading & I'll see you on Monday.




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