Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Take a stroll with me...

Good morning! A very happy Monday to you. How was your weekend?

Do you fancy a cuppa? I'm lacking sleep again so I'm probably going to have a few..!

Take a seat and tell me about your weekend.

Our weekend was lovely. We didn't rush around as much as we usually do. Most weekends we have so much to do that we barely come up for air. Elle is usually wisked away here there and everywhere as we go to visit family and friends, coffees at Trentham Estate, strolls around garden centres, walks in the countryside and trips to the supermarket. It's a busy life but one that we enjoy together.

So instead of all that, my mother in law came over on Saturday to take Elle out for a bit so I could make a start on the packing. It's funny how attached you become to a house. The mere thought of saying goodbye on Saturday is tearing me up inside. I thought the reason was because of my grandad and although this is still the biggest reason, it's also quite upsetting because this was our first proper home. It was where we lived before we got married, where we lived when we became husband and wife, where we brought Elle to when she first came out of hospital, the house where she first smiled, first rolled over, first sat up... you get my drift. I believe that all these moments in life are set into the brick work of a house. This house will forever hold those memories and never let them go. I love this house and shall be so very sad to leave.

Having said that, our new house will hold many more wonderful memories, first steps, first words and first day at school, so I shall keep a smile on my face and remind myself of how lucky I am.

I must admit that Saturday's packing only saw 1 box packed as I did indulge in putting my feet up and enjoyed a WHOLE cup of tea uninterrupted. On her return my mother in law was accompanied by no less than 8 cream cakes/ fresh fruit tartes and so I popped the kettle on. I must add that we didn't eat them all, well not all at once anyways!

We thought we'd take full advantage of Saturday's sunshine and so we ventured to Barlaston Downs for a walk. It's not exactly suitable for prams but we had a good attempt. In true Elle fashion, she fell asleep and missed the whole glorious walk. The trees had all lost their sad winter look and seemed to be smiling as the odd ones were bearing the start of their summer attire. The grass was looking greener and the odd daffodil was dotted here and there.

Sunday was nothing more than a lazy day. We continued to pack but I saw no point in Elle and I getting out of our pj's so we stayed cosy all day. In the afternoon Paul went food shopping and treated us to a wonderful Sunday roast. He's such a great cook, Elle loves his Sunday dinners, she wolfs down his food and almost always wants more!

And before we knew it, it was Sunday evening again.

I always have some time to myself on a Sunday evening. Paul sorts Elle out and puts her to bed whilst I pop on a face mask and jump in the bath to read my book by candlelight. Sounds cheesy but I look forward to it all week. I think it's important to take time if you can, it grounds you, calms you down and definitely de-stresses! After my bath I even managed to replace my horribly chipped nail varnish. I felt like a new woman.

I hope you enjoyed your weekend as much as we did and I hope your Monday isn't too gruelling.

Thank you for stopping by, it's been lovely to have you.

All my love,



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