Monday, 14 March 2011

Let it grow, let it grow, let it grow!

Good morning!

How was your weekend, what did you get up to?

I can't believe that there was a frost this morning! What is all that about? I thought Spring was in full swing, and was all ready to get the Bar-be-que out this week... Maybe I should wait a bit longer.

This weekend, here in Stoke, we were quite lucky to have a reasonably sunny weekend and not only was the sun out, but he was sharing his lovely warmth too. I was out shopping yesterday and as I came out of Sainsburys the warmth hit me and I smiled. The best part was when I got back to the car and I had to leave the doors open for a few minutes to let it cool down before I put Elena in her car seat. The sunglasses were officially out and so were a few nutters in their shorts.

Talking of nutters..!

We spent the majority of the weekend at my parents house, sharing stories of our week and enjoying family meals. My sister and her husband were there too which was lovely. Having had only 3 hours sleep on Friday night, I was in bed by 9pm on Saturday evening as I couldn't keep my eyes open anymore. So I left Paul to sit with the family drink his beer and watch the boxing.

Yesterday was a great day for the Potteries as Stoke City beat West Ham in the quarter finals of the FA cup. I must admit that I am not a football fan, nor do I follow the sport in anyway, but my husband is a season ticket holder as is my dad and I knew how much a win meant to them (and the other thousands of supporters) so I was keeping my fingers crossed. We don't live too far from the Britannia so on a good day you can hear the cheers, and the boos, from the crowd if you're outside. Amazingly, yesterday, you could hear the winning cheer from inside the house!  Such wonderful news for the city and pleased to say I had a very happy and cheerful, albeit slightly tipsy, husband for the rest of the evening.

In today's post I wanted to show you how my little gardening projects are coming along.

My potatoes are "chitting" quite well so I think I might plant them next weekend if the weather is nice. My onion seeds are starting to grow, which I wasn't expecting so soon! I was over the moon this morning when I saw them & my Tulip Toronto are growing so quickly I really can't believe it. I'm really looking forward to them flowering. I recommend getting some tulips if you want to grow some gorgeous flowers with minimal effort.

I've also taken a couple of pictures of a few of my house plants as they're coming into bloom and I couldn't resist but share with you a very beautiful little daffodil that has grown outside all on his own.

I love Spring, purely because it brings new life and new hope. When I sit and think about life, I find the whole concept quite daunting, for this reason I try not to question things too much and enjoy every single moment. As the troubles in Japan are continuing to get worse, I say thanks that I can look at a daffodil and see it's beauty for what it is. I say thanks that I am not stuck in the disaster zone, worrying if my family and friends are alive & I keep praying that those who are stuck there stay safe and I keep the hope that they'll see their loved ones again.

Enjoy life. Enjoy each other. Look at the little things and say thank you.

I'll be sharing another little cooking project with you tomorrow as I've not made cupcakes in a while and quite fancy eating a few with a cuppa in the coming week.

I want to thank you so very much for stopping by again today, I'll have cakes for you tomorrow, I promise...

Enjoy the rest of your day.




  1. The photo of Elle has totally made my day! x

  2. She is a little monkey! x

  3. I didn't think i was that bad xx Wemberleeee